Environmental & Commercial Mediation

Environmental Mediation:

Mr. Bowitch is an experienced Environmental Mediator who has successfully mediated complex, multi party environmental litigation matters. Utilizing his 30+ years of experience as an environmental attorney, he has been successful in helping parties settle technically and legally complex cases, environmental cases requiring a specific focus on allocation of liability among multiple responsible parties. Mr. Bowitch also brings his extensive knowledge on a range of scientific and technical aspects of environmental disputes involving oil spills, hazardous and solid waste sites and contamination of drinking water supplies by PFAS and other emerging contaminants. Mr. Bowitch can also mediate land use and property disputes between private parties and/or municipal entities. Mr. Bowitch’s experience as an environmental attorney includes environmental legal matters arising under New York’s Environmental Conservation Law and  Navigation Law and federal law such as CERCLA, RCRA, Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

Commercial Mediation:

Mr. Bowitch can provide commercial mediation services for many types of commercial disputes, including those involving contract disputes, construction, business, insurance coverage, subrogation, estate and consumer claims. He uses his environmental litigation and environmental mediation experience to enhance his mediation commercial disputes. Mr. Bowitch has been approved by the US District Court, Northern District of New York and has served as mediator in the NDNY mandatory ADR program. He is also on the ADR roster for several judicial districts in New York State.